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Keys on new Dan Mar-Molinero album

My mate and colleague Dan Mar-Molinero’s bigband album ‘Taproot’ has just been released. I played keys on all 5 tracks on the album, which was recorded remotely during the pandemic lockdowns. Dan is a super talented saxophonist and composer. It was great to learn and play his excellent tunes and particularly loved ‘Our Place’, probably as I feature as soloist in the second half!

Some mega musicians feature on the album. Give it a listen!

Dan Stern performance

Jalapeno Slammer by ben_oliver_music

This is a live recording of my piece for Dan Stern’s Woodwork, Jalapeno Slammer.¬† Featuring Dan Stern (tenor saxophone), Rowland Sutherland (flute), Adam Bishop (bass clarinet), Andrew McCormack (piano), Will Collier (bass), and Laurie Lowe (drums).

I hope you agree that the musicians did me proud!

The Art of Collapsing – Blue Swerver record download

You can download for free Blue Swerver’s album from Jamendo – I played keys on most of the album which features the whispering tones and lyrical genius of Adam Green.¬† Feel free to pass the word on if you like it…