Monthly Archives: September 2015

Rambert Mini-Residency: ‘Separately Together’

Earlier this month I had a great time taking part in the final stages of a mini-residency working at Rambert Dance Company. RambertPhoto2-2
The residency (thanks Rambert!) allowed me to try out an idea I had for a piece in which two dancers are paired with two pianists who perform on piano and synth. The new idea I wanted to explore was the idea that at the beginning of the piece the only people that can hear the synth playing are one of the dancers and the synth player. This allows the possibility for two clear visual choreographies to exist but the audience are not able to hear what is instigating the movements of one of the dancers. Later in the piece the synth material becomes audible and the listener is (hopefully) able to understand the choreography they have been seeing but not ‘hearing’. Well we tried this and I think the idea worked pretty well. I’m super grateful to choreographer Melanie Ingram, dancers Neus Gil Cortes and Chris Darmanin and musicians Yshani Perinpanayagam and Edward Pick for their patience and talent to bring it about! One of the great things about the project was the opportunity to show the work in an informal setting and receive feedback from an invited audience. This was a valuable process and one I’d be interested in exploring more in a contemporary music setting…


We made a video of the performance and I hope to edit it and upload it to Youtube fairly soon.