Monthly Archives: December 2009

An Invite from the Queen

A new music story book/CD, ‘An Invite from the Queen‘ has been released by Hackney Music Development Trust (HMDT).  I was involved in the devising process in my role as one of HMDT’s PRSF Trainee Composers and also played flute, hammond organ and even sang on the CD!  The narration was done by Griff Rhys Jones, the composition by Matthew King and for anyone with little ones or an inner child it is an absolute must!

Robin Grey Album, ‘Strangers with Shoes’

My dear friend and co-swerverite Robin Grey has released his second album, ‘Strangers with Shoes‘, on which I appear on several tracks.  Definitely worth downloading this one – for anyone interested I’m particularly pleased with my Rhodes playing on ‘Ninety Days’!!

Parental advisory on the lyrics to this one…

Congratulations to Robin for another great album release.  This is my favourite track from the album (I’m not on it!), ‘Shakes and Shudders’…