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Robin Grey Album, ‘Strangers with Shoes’

My dear friend and co-swerverite Robin Grey has released his second album, ‘Strangers with Shoes‘, on which I appear on several tracks.  Definitely worth downloading this one – for anyone interested I’m particularly pleased with my Rhodes playing on ‘Ninety Days’!!

Parental advisory on the lyrics to this one…

Congratulations to Robin for another great album release.  This is my favourite track from the album (I’m not on it!), ‘Shakes and Shudders’…

Hidden Lives and Unvisited Tombs – 3.00pm, 5th December

I’ve composed some recorded music and will be improvising live for ‘Hidden lives and Unvisited Tombs‘ at St Pancras Church crypt next Saturday 5th December.  Our performance, which is directed by Rachel Warr, is part of an exhibition and performances put on by Scary Little Girls and will kick off at 3.30.

Premiere in Brighton – The Latest Music Bar, 10th February

I will be performing a new piece for improvising keys, electric guitar and electronics with Arthur Carabott and an improvisation with Sam Hayden (laptop) in a gig featuring Sussex University music postgraduate work.  Should be fun and some interesting sounds..