Monthly Archives: September 2012

C4CI Grand Finale, 29th September 2012

I have written a whole concert of new music for cochlear implant users as part of the ‘Compositions for Cochlear Implantees’ project at the University of Southampton. I’ve formed an ensemble for the gig, which will take place on Saturday 29th September at the Turner Sims Concert Hall at 1pm and is free.

We have also just heard that we have received follow-on-funding from the AHRC so can continue our collaborative research!

Britten Pears ‘New Music New Media’ Course

I’ve just got back from the ‘New Music New Media’ course, part of the Britten Pears programme in Aldeburgh. The course was run by Rolf Wallin, Tansy Davies, Alexander Refsum Jensenius and Zoe Martlew. We were working with lots of electronic gadgets including Phidgets, WII controllers and Kinect Cameras. It was an interesting week, and although I often felt outside my comfort zone I ended up producing a decent new piece, Smashed and Grabbed for performer, WII controller and Motion-Capture.