Monthly Archives: November 2013

Workers Union Ensemble Autumn Activities

I have just finished a mini-tour with the group I am fortunate enough to conduct Workers Union Ensemble. We performed at Turner Sims Concert Hall in Southampton, Birmingham Conservatoire and a final gig at LSO St. Luke’s in London. I can honestly say it has been totally brilliant to work with all in the ensemble and composers we commissioned on our ‘Constructing a Repertoire’ project. Can’t wait for future adventures!! For now here are some recordings from our Birmingham gig…

Med-El Rehabilitation Symposium

I was delighted to be invited to speak at the recent MED-EL Rehabilitation Symposium in York. The symposium brought together a wide range of professionals who work with cochlear implant users. I talked about the work we have done with cochlear implant users at the University of Southampton, and in particular our Interactive Music Awareness Programme (IMAP) that will go live at the end of January at