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Second Montreal run of Pythagoras’ Toolkit – February 2024

Really excited to be going back to Montreal with the Pythagoras’ Toolkit crew Rachel Warr (director), Gilbert Taylor and Edie Edmundson (puppeteers) in February 2024. Playing the piece with the amazing Ensemble Paramirabo again. Five performances will be co-presented by Le Vivier, Bach Before Bedtime and Une école montréalaise pour tous.

Pythagoras’ Toolkit – La Boîte à outils de Pythagore

Legend has it that one day Pythagoras was astonished by the sounds that blacksmiths made when they struck their pieces of metal: the sounds were rich, varied, sometimes harmonious, sometimes discordant. When he returned home, the Greek thinker hastened to explore sound and invent new instruments.

In this co-creation by Rachel Warr (Dotted Line Theatre) and Benjamin Oliver, performed by the musicians of Paramirabo, our hero, the modern-day Pythagore, invites children aged 3 to 12 (but also adults) to follow him in his surreal, amusing and even danceable experiments.

A Paramirabo production, co presented by Le Vivier, Bach Before Bedtime and Festival de Casteliers.

Pythagoras’ Toolkit production (finally) happening!

I’ve spent the past few months busily revising and reworking, with my creative collaborator Rachel Warr of Dotted Line Theatre, the score of Pythagoras’ Toolkit (La Boîte à outils de Pythagore in French!) for ensemble and puppeteer. We are working towards the inaugural production of the show with the amazing Ensemble Paramirabo, which will take place in early March in Montreal. I’ve just sent off the production score and parts!

Rachel is brilliant to work with. Super talented of course but also so focused on ensuring the narrative of the show is totally honed. We started working on the piece back in 2019 and have had lots of (mostly pandemic induced) setbacks along the way so it’s really great to be finally heading towards showing this piece to the world.

Details of shows on my gigs page. We are filming and recording it too.