SHIFTS – Turner Sims Concert Hall – Southampton – 27/01/19

Sunday, January 27, 2019
7:00pm - All Ages
University of Southampton
Other Info
A concert by the Music Department's HARTLEY Loop Orchestra, directed by Ben Oliver

The minimalist movement was one of the key shifts in contemporary music of the last fifty years, with the focus on repetition, limitation and employing clear processes exerting influence on a wide range of artists and musical genres.

In this concert leading visiting musicians will play alongside students and staff in performances of Steve Reich’s superb 'Music for a Large Ensemble' (1979), Lois V. Vierk’s post-minimal masterpiece 'Red Shift' (1989) and three new works by Southampton faculty composers Drew Crawford, Brona Martin and Benjamin Oliver.

Each work will subvert and shift expectations in compelling ways.

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